The Invisible Country
by H. E. Francis

ISBN-10: 1-929490-06-2
Hardcover, 533 pages, 6 1/4 x 9
Jacket illustration by Andrew Wyeth

H. E. Francis turns his talents to the intriguing drama of the Moorehead family as seen through the eyes of four principal characters. As the family metamorphoses through the Great Depression and the Great War, its story is played out in the landscapes of the university city of Madison, Wisconsin; Bristol and Providence, Rhode Island; Long Island and Plum Island, New York.
When the two Moorehead brothers fall in love with the same woman, she becomes the unintentional, even accidental, cause of unfurling the history of the Moorehead family. One by one, veils that have protected the characters are peeled away. You will become attached to the Mooreheads and their world, which carries somewhere in its legacy a piece of our own story. It is this literary achievement that makes The Invisible Country a compelling experience.

H. E. Francis was born in Bristol, Rhode Island; graduated from the University of Wisconsin, Brown University, and Pembroke College, Oxford; and is a former professor of English literature at the University of Alabama, Huntsville. Francis’ most recent books are The Sudden Trees and Goya, Are You With Me Now? (both published by Beil). He now shares residences between Huntsville and Madrid.

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