Civil War Savannah      
by Derek Smith

ISBN-10: 1929490003
ISBN-13: 9781929490004
Softcover, 320 pages, 6 x 9 1/4"
Bibliography, index, 54 black-and-white illustrations

For Savannahians, Georgia history buffs, and all who relish tales of the Civil War, this work will provide a glimpse into the lives of the women and men who forever will be associated with Savannah through their wartime deeds. Beginning with secession fever in 1860, the author leads us through stories about Robert E. Lee's sojourn in Savannah, the building of the ironclads, the fall of Fort Pulaski and Fort McAllister, Sherman's march to the sea, and the death of the Confederacy in 1865.
In describing the saga of "the most terrifying military technology of the age, . . . used with hard efficiency by men with dead aims and dead-earnest causes," the author also beckons us: "The ghosts of pirates, patriots, cavaliers, and their ladies will forever dance about Savannah—creaking an occasional staircase or flitting through a fog-shrouded cemetery. . . . In this realm ring the echoes of cannon fire, the vistas of men in gray or blue marching in splendid columns, or slaves humming a soothing cadence while digging entrenchments or toiling in the fields. Yank or Reb, man or woman, free or slave, this is their story."

A former journalist whose works have appeared in numerous newspapers and magazines, Derek Smith is a native of Bishopville, South Carolina, and a graduate of Georgia Southern University. His six books also include The Sentinels. He now lives in Williamsville, New York.