Jacques Barzun: Portrait of a Mind
by Michael Murray
Michael Murray's Jacques Barzun is the story of the career and ideas of one of the twentieth century's leading intellectuals. Jacques Barzun was the author of some thirty books of biography, history, and cultural criticism, among them the best-sellers The House of Intellect, an indictment of governmental and foundation interference with the autonomy of scholars and universities, and From Dawn to Decadence, an argument that the West was falling into decay and incapacity.
The Cross Garden
by Marlin Barton
Sixteen-year-old James, just released from an eight-month stay at Hargrove, Alabama's largest juvenile detention center, gazes upon the slow waters of the Black Fork River as if he already understands the history it holds for him. But only Nathan Rutledge, his mother's boyfriend and the closest thing James might ever have for a father, truly understands how bound together he and James are with the river, its darkly wooded banks, and with each other.
William James on Habit, Will, Truth, and the Meaning of Life
Edited and with an Introduction by James Sloan Allen

William James, the radical philosopher and father of American psychology, found habit and will to be the secret of a good life. He elaborated this discovery into a philosophy of life that runs through his many scintillating writings, ranging from psychology and religion to pragmatism and war. Always he urged people to cultivate habits of mind, especially habits of will, including the power to break bad habits, that give us self-mastery, alert us to truth, equip us to act, and lend zest to life.
Worldly Wisdom: Great Books and the Meanings of Life
by James Sloan Allen

The author engagingly explores some fifty classic works of literature, philosophy, and political thought from Homer and Confucius to Jean-Paul Sartre and Gabriel García Márquez to draw out ideas valuable for understanding human life in this world and for living that life well. Worldly Wisdom offers both an inviting liberal education and a usefully humanistic self-help book.
Love and Ice: The Tragic Obsessions of Dr. Elisha Kent Kane, Arctic Explorer
by Ray Edinger

A tale of romance, adventure, and tragedy, this is the story of the famed explorer who was among the first Americans to search for the missing Sir John Franklin expedition of 1845. And while he searched the Arctic for Franklin, Kane not only discovered the Humboldt Glacier, but also mapped the little-known Smith Sound that Robert E. Peary followed fifty years later on his quest for the North Pole.
Kamallahs Bracelet front coverKamallah's Bracelet
by Derek Smith

Earnest, naive, and shy with women, the Reverend Denson Roswell is the newly appointed pastor of the Mt. Absalom Baptist Church in the south Georgia town of Levidgville during the early 1960's. Instead of being a preacher who stirs his flock with sermons laced with hellfire and damnation, he becomes deeply embroiled himself with a temptress who answers his personals ad in an Atlanta newspaper.